Live GPS Tracking

  • Supporting spectators can track you live in a map view as you progress along the race course.
  • NearMe alerts let spectators know you are drawing near.
  • Find each other using the MeetUp tool.

GPS Progress Alerts

  • Receive continual progress updates as you complete the course! Audio updates are typically sent at every mile and include pace, elapsed time, and estimated finish time.
  • Option to have progress posted real-time to your Facebook and Twitter walls.
  • Have friends and family track your performance.
  • Track your competition or friends who are also doing the race.


  • Receive and send fun, motivational audio cheers.
  • Use RaceJoy's Text-to-Cheer to send custom messages.
  • Start sending cheers to others doing the race at any time!

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Download RaceJoy!
Available on Apple and Android Devices

Participants must carry their phones during the event and click Start My Race as they cross the start line to begin their personal GPS tracking.

These interactive race day features are being provided to you by the race at no charge to you.

Click here for live tracking how-to instructions.

To get the most out of your RaceJoy experience, view these Battery Preservation Tips.

  1. Download RaceJoy: Download the RaceJoy app to your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Search for your race: Go to Featured Races to locate this event and click on the race to enter.
  3. Set Up: Follow the prompts carefully to get set up properly for race day.
  4. Race Day: Carry your phone during the race and click START MY RACE as you cross the Start Line.